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“Harry Potter is symmetrical.”

Not just symmetrical - this is ring composition, favoured by Homer and other good writers. The 4th book is at the centre of the ring.

JK Rowling knows her beans.

Reblogging because I like that phrase a lot.


i love everything about this post

I love how dementors are synonymous to Umbridge. I agree with this completely.

This… is really amazing. I-… wow.


The technical term for this is a chiasm.  Props to JK for using a great old storytelling technique.



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Nina Dobrev - Nylon Magazine BTS (2014)

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“Remember, it’s not you and the target. It’s not what’s between you, but what connects you. Think about the lion and the gazelle. What connects them?”

“Um. Hunger?”

“That’s the lion. I’m asking what they share. […] Fear,” she whispers in my ear, as if she’s sharing a secret. “For the gazelle, fear of being eaten. For the lion, fear of starvation. Fear is the chain that binds them together.

The chain. I carry one in my pocket attached to a silver locket. The night my sister died was a thousand years ago; that night was last night. It’s over. It’s never over. It isn’t a line from that night to this day; it’s a circle. My fingers tighten around hers.

“I don’t know what your chain is,” she goes on, warm breath in my ear. “It’s different for everyone. They know. Wonderland tells them. It’s the thing that made them put a gun in your hand, and it’s the same thing that chains you to the target.” Then, as if she’s read my mind: “It isn’t a line, Zombie. It’s a circle.”

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The Golden Trio

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“Some books are so familiar that reading them is like being home again.” - Louisa May Alcott, Little Women

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"Time helps, it’s slow and it’s painful but… it works, talking helps, going out with other people, seeing friends and he will be like a book that you read long ago…"

- Endless Love

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Teen Wolf Click & Drag:

  1. Click on an image and drag it out to the side.
  2. Tag with what you got!
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